Is finding the talent that your company
needs to keep growing.
Is finding the job
that makes you happy.



finding the person
behind the profile.

How we compose.
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Find the job that
will make you happy.

We want to
know you.

Be part of our orchestra.
Work at GhidiniRodil.

We are a regional company that exists to make people happier.

We are convinced that being able to bring a professional closer to a new job where they can find the passion, the sense and the purpose of their daily tasks is a unique opportunity. For this, we seek to generate contexts that will make people happier – always – where they can both provide their greatest professional value and fulfill themselves.


We find for each person the job that makes them happier.


We select for each company the candidate that adjusts better to its culture and values.

Why GhidiniRodil

Selection Specialists

We have a tested process and method which guarantees the best evaluation of the candidate’s personal competencies.


We have been operating in the market for more than 28 years.

Professional Talent Integration

We identify the candidate with the required cultural fit, which guarantees his or her best professional growth.

Experts in IT profiles

Our team combines agility and experience to recruit IT profiles.

Trascending bonds

We are commited to make people happier, always.